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Planning Your Allotment

Every year you start out with the grandest of plans. None more so than your first year on the plot! But let's face it, planning prevents poor performance, am I right?

Planning your allotment from scratch is one of the biggest yet most rewarding things at the start of your journey.

Here are a few pointers which might help on your quest to allotment perfection!

  1. Get Your Beds Planned

Think of where your beds will be positioned and their size. One of the best allotmenteers on my plot gave me the advice is that you should be able to reach the middle of your beds from the edge. This will give you the perfect size to weed without the need to step on them.

2. Get Composting!

The key to running a successful garden, especially if you are wanting to go down the organic/no dig route is compost! Not only is it great for the environment but it will save you a small fortune if you get it right. From improving your soil structure to feeding your veg, this is where it all begins! I follow Charles Dowding who has some excellent You Tube tutorial videos on composting for complete novices.

3. Pathways

Pathways are such an important part of your allotment and the one thing that will be undoubtedly used on every visit. Ensure pathways are accessible for a wheelbarrow, you will thank me for that one! If they are grass, stone or woodchip think about how you will replenish them and the time it will take to maintain them.

4. Space to Park Your Bum

Don't forget to plan in a space to sit, relax, enjoy and watch the weeds grow!

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