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Hey There....

Well, i guess we had better start with some introductions! My name is Jen and i run the Instagram account @life_on_the_lot which documents the adventures of my family on our allotment based in the North West of the UK.

Honestly, we were complete novices when gaining our allotment when it came to gardening and growing. Dan could barely cut the lawn in our back garden and we had zero idea where compost came from - let alone how it was made!

Yet, in the summer of 2019 i applied for our allotment after becoming increasingly worried about supply chain issues, food safety and standards following our departure from the EU. At the time i was told by many people i was over-reacting but still we ploughed on after growing a few chilli plants in my kitchen! Honestly, we have never looked back!

We gained the allotment the week before the UK was thrown into its first major lockdown in March 2020. It became the family haven for the next six months as we spent time transforming our patch into a workable plot of land! At the time our little girl was just three years old and has spent the best part of the last two years experiencing all their is about growing your own and all the delights that went with it.

We couldn't be happier with the allotment and this is now our journey into how we incorporate growing your own into modern day life for a more self sufficient future. We hope you will enjoy the journey along with us...

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