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Life on the Lot is based around our journey on the Allotment based in Wirral, UK We began our journey in March 2020 just a week before the UK's first major lockdown for the Covid 19 crisis. For many in the UK, this time was seen as a chance to reconnect with nature and their gardens as life for a brief moment began to slow down. While we were lucky enough to have a chunk of time on our hands we began to transform our plot from an unloved and partly neglected piece of land to a productive and beautiful allotment plot. 

Our journey still continues as we constantly learn and transform parts of the plot each year, taking on new challenges and having new adventures in what and how we grow. 

Join us on our adventures as we navigate how our allotment fits into modern day family life, our attempts to live more sustainably, reduce our carbon footprint and our build projects to help us grow!

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