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To Sow or Not to Sow....

That most definitely is the question!

As we start to dream of warmer days the temptation to start sowing seeds and get our gardens or allotments started for the year becomes insatiable! Especially on a miserable grey January day something to make us feel a bit more connected to the spring and summer is something we are all usually longing for.

Instagram during this time also becomes a bit of a hotbed of opinions. And like many opinions some have been asked for and others haven't. Suddenly, our little community of gardening instagrammers becomes a bit of a game of one-upmanship and who knows best.

I'd like to think that most of the opinions displayed come from a good place. Sharing knowledge, best practice, learning new techniques and connecting with like-minded people is usually why most people have started their accounts. But during this time of year, our best practices differ so greatly is it possible we sometimes forget how that well-meaning piece advice can be perceived?

We all grow for different reasons - commercially, hobbies, competitions, experiments. And we all grow with different climates, temperatures and equipment. We all end up with different results so why shouldn't the beginning of our journeys be different also? Our community always basks in the celebration of embracing the different and unique, this space has never been a one size fits all.

Let's keep that in mind over the next few months as we battle the dark months together. After all aren't we all trying to achieve the same goal?

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