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Veg Growing

Come and see what we do!

Life on the Lot is an established allotment in Wirral, UK. We grow a variety of seasonal veg both outside and under cover. Our aim is to eat more seasonally and be as sustainable and self sufficient as possible. We want to help as many UK growers as possible on their journey to reduce their food miles and have as much home grown, organic vegetables on their plates as they can! Regardless if you are growing in a field, allotment back garden or in pots in your yard. Its always possible to add some homegrown food into your diet. Come and see how!

Veg Growing: Projects
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Learn with us!

Keep a look out for our up coming Season Ahead guides. Launching in 2024 these guides will give you the kick start you need to have everything ready for the season ahead! With handy sowing guides, variety recommendations and tick sheets you will feel like you will be on the verge of the best growing season yet!

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Variety Guides

Finding out that all our veg comes in such different varieties when you grow your own is incredible! It can be a real eye opener, especially when you find our how absolutely delicious they are and superior to their supermarket counterparts.

Download our FREE recommended variety guides and our favourite seed stockists to get you the best for your plot!


Grow Guides

These are downloadable guides based on the specific type of veg you are looking to grow. It will include when and how to grow and lots of handy tips from propagation to planting out. 

These are great if you are a beginner allotment grower and are looking for some simple things to get started. 

Organised by month, you can jump straight in to making your plot productive!

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