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Brassica Cage

The first build project we started on our plot was the brassica cage. One of the very few good things we inherited on our plot was some really good beds in a fairly decent layout. Except the one we chose for the brassicas which was just far too big to be manageable!

This led us to the decision to create a pathway into the bed to minimise the amount we walk on the soil, and from here the brassica cage was born!

A cage big enough to stand up in not only to allow our brassica family (cauliflowers, broccoli, cabbage etc) to grow to their full height and potential but also a structure that allowed us to cover in netting to protect those crops from birds and the all destructive cabbage white caterpillars which love giving them a real good munch!

Trust me when i say the height is an absolute savior when weeding! Your back will thank me for it!

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